Sowing The Seeds

As a general guide, most Australian native plant seeds should be sown about their own depth into the potting mix or garden soil. Using seed trays or small pots, sow the seeds 1 – 11/2 times their own depth into the soil – ie. just pressed into the surface of the soil and just barely covered.

Very fine seeds should be just pressed into the surface of the potting soil or mixed into some clean, dry sand to assist dispersal over the surface. Fluffy, clinging seeds can be mixed with dry sand before sowing, to allow the seed to be spread out in the pot or garden bed and to provide something to help hold the seeds in place when watered. Flat seeds should be sown flat side down and just barely covered over.

Thoroughly wet the soil and keep it moist during germination using a fine mist spray so as not to dislodge the seeds.

Most wildflower seeds will germinate in 1 – 4 weeks, though a few species can take up to a year to appear.

Watering of most wildflowers, especially during the germination and seedling stages, should gently be done with a mist spray. Until the seeds have pushed their roots into the soil, avoid heavy watering which could disturb the seeds.

Once seedlings appear continue fine spray watering. As the seedlings become established the potting soil should be kept just damp and never allowed to dry out. Good drainage is essential. Water-logging should be avoided at all times.

Follow the sowing instructions provided on your selected seed packets along with this Sowing Guide. Protect the new shoots from snails and slugs and continue this through the seedling stage.


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