Shipping seeds and pods


 Within Australia: Our seed packets and pods can be safely transported from Western Australia (our home location) to any of the States and Territories of mainland Australia – we do NOT send seeds to TASMANIA due to the import regulations. See for more information.


Online International Orders: We currently do NOT ship INTERNATIONALLY.


Souvenir Quantities: Our seeds contained in our seed envelopes and gift folders are sealed in foil sachets our bulk packs are sealed in clear fronted or opaque resealable bags and our gift boxed pods are presented in cardboard boxes with clear windows and are permitted entry into MOST countries in “souvenir quantities”. However, some countries require permits or declaration on entry for seeds and pods (which are a wooden product).  We advise that you become aware of these rules before sending and/or taking these products overseas.  


At all times it remains the responsibility of the purchaser to check the import regulations of the destination country.

The Australian Department of Agriculture provides a comprehensive database of the documentation required by most countries, which can be found at . Please note that while this database is updated regularly, it may not include all the latest changes to import requirements for your country.  


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