We are a specialist Manufacturer of Australian Wildflower Seeds & Wildflora Pods.
Beautfully packaged and the perfect product addition to your store.

We sell our range of Australian Wildflower seeds and wildflora pods through Retail nurseries, Botanical gardens, Tourist information centres, Souvenir shops, Gift shops,  Regional visitor centres, Tourist attractions and many more….

Our Australian Wildflower Seed business has been manufacturing premium Australian Wildflower Seed packets in Western Australia and supplying to our customers throughout mainland Australia for over 60 years.

Our Wildflora Pods are a relatively new addition to the range, starting off in the Craft space, these pods are now available in beautiful gift boxes and are a welcomed addition to the range and extremely popular.

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We will then contact you to discuss further what we can offer you and tailor a recommended range that would best suit your location, business type.

Wildflora Factory is the home of Australian Wildflower Seeds, Wildflora Pods and more.  We thank you for your interest and look forward to chatting with you soon and welcoming you aboard as a valued customer.



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Wildflora Factory Pty Ltd 

 PH : 0439 965 899

Warehouse & Distribution Centre 

Located in Western Australia

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