Who We Are and What We Do

Australian Wildflower Seeds Pty Ltd:

  • A wholly-owned Australian company located in Western Australia.
  • We pack and distribute a range of Australian wildflower seeds in beautiful retail packets.
  • Available via this website for gardeners, visitors and gift-seekers in Australia and overseas.
  • This website provides useful information about the wildflowers of Australia and their cultivation.
Please feel free to browse our General Sowing Guide or other notes about our fabulous product range, from the other pages of our website.

** Most of our products are suitable for export – click here for more information.

Our main product range comprises of:
  • Presentation seed packets
  • Seven-pack Gift Folders
  • Everlasting seed Packs - 5,000 seeds and 10,000 seeds.

In addition to our “presentation” range, we can obtain a wide range of Australian native seeds in small packets, on request. It is always most helpful if you can use the botanical names for the plants you require, since many different plants can have the same Common Name.

Australia generally has a high level of plant biodiversity, with Western Australia in particular having the greatest diversity and is aptly known as the “Wildflower State”.

Testimonials (view all)

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I purchased Coral Creeper seeds at Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney in March 2002 – my only visit there ever – then forgot about them. They were stored in a shoe box in no special conditions as I moved house a number of times over the years. I recently”exhumed” the shoe box and assumed the seeds couldn’t possibly be viable after 16 years – but thought I’d try them as an experiment. I nicked the seed coats, soaked them overnight (no smoked Seed Starter granules) and planted them in pots with ordinary potting mix. Five days later I had seedlings!
You’re welcome to use this as a testimonial.

Sept. 2018 – Philip Stevens, Oakland, California, USA

January 20, 2019

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Sourcing and Treatment of our Seeds

Our seeds are collected or acquired from other collectors, under licence, in accordance with legal and environmental guidelines. We try to ensure that all species supplied are true to form and we try to obtain fresh seed each year, depending on seasonal availability. The seeds are cleaned as far as is practical (mostly to pure seed condition) and packed into heat-sealed foil sachets to protect against moisture, moulds, insects and so on. This also extends the shelf life of the seeds - which runs into years for almost every species.