Sowing and Growing Guide

The notes provided under the headings below should be read in conjunction with the instructions on each packet of our wildflower seeds.

Cultivation Notes

Be sure to also read the CULTIVATION NOTES for the seeds you have selected. To see those notes click on the “more” link or on the picture of the seed packet shown in Our Seeds Store. In particular, take note of whether WILDFLOWER SEED STARTER granules are recommended. Be sure to order some of those if suggested.

Our Seeds Sowing & Growing Guide

Our Seeds Sowing & Growing Guide is intended to assist the home gardener to prepare their soil in order to give the best chance of success with their selected wildflower seeds. Plus it should assist in the care and maintenance of the plants during the early stages of growth and once the plants are established. We will gradually expand the Seed Sowing Guide as new information becomes available and as time permits – keep watching this page. The link below will take you to a service provided by the Western Australian Department of Agriculture and Food. You will see a list of Garden Notes covering an extensive range of topics relating to gardens and garden health. By searching that list you may find particular topics relevant to your gardening needs. This link is provided to assist gardeners generally in their particular locality. Plus, in particular to assist and encourage gardeners to grow Australian native plants and wildflowers.

WINTER Collection

WINTER Collection


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