Lilac Painted Lady

Lilac Painted Lady


Lilac Painted Lady
Botanic Name : Gompholobium scabrum (formerly Burtonia scabra)

Also known as Painted Lady Pea

An outstanding small shrub to 1.5m (4′) and 1.5m (4′) across, with heath like foliage and a neat bushy form which bursts into Spring flowers in a spectacular way – the whole plant is covered with delicate lilac and mauve flowers 2.5cm (1″) across.

Contents: Approx. 20 seeds.
Open with care onto a sheet of paper.
Avoid windy conditions when opening the packet.

Wildflower Seed Starter granules are recommended to boost germination.

Always protect seeds and seedlings from predators such as snails, slugs etc.


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