Smoke-treatment using smoky-water or our Wildflower Seed Starter granules has been shown to assist the germination rates of most native plant seeds and is recommended for their first watering.

Generous mulching over the roots of native plants during hot dry weather is essential to protect the roots and reduce water loss. Cover an area at least as wide as the spread of the plant itself but avoid mulching around the stem of the plant as this can encourage collar rot. In Summer water around the roots using a trickle system or gently from the garden hose to avoid disturbing ground from around the roots.

During warm humid weather avoid spraying water into the body of the plants, especially Anigozanthos (Kangaroo Paw) species, to reduce the risk of fungal attack. Black spots on the leaves of Kangaroo Paws (Ink Disease) should be treated immediately with a fungicide, affected leaves pruned and disposed of (not mulched) and watering should be stopped until the plant recovers or dry weather conditions return.

Most wildflowers respond well to light applications of slow-release or natural fertilisers during the early growing stages and just prior to flowering. This can often help to produce more flowers, stronger colours and stronger growth – but don’t overdo it and favour fertilisers containing low levels of phosphates; ie. avoid fertilisers containing fish products or bird manure.


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