Geraldton Wax

Scientific Name: CHAMELAUCIUM uncinatum

Common Name: Geraldton Wax

Alternative Common Name: Geraldton Wax

Family: Myrtaceae

Height: Up to 2.5m (8′)

Width: Up to 4m (13′)

Description: A charming, very hardy, evergreen shrub with delicate and aromatic soft needle leaves in light and dark green tones.

Flowers: Masses of wax-like purple, red, pink or white flowers from late Winter to Summer. Excellent for garden display or as cut flowers.

Soil: The seeds have a thick oily skin which can delay germination. To help leach out the oil it is best to sow the seeds in a warm, coarse, quick draining, sandy (or fine gravel) alkaline soil.

Aspects: Geraldton Wax is very hardy and tolerates dry spells quite well but is best if watered occasionally.

Habitat: Free-draining sands over limestone or laterite. Coastal areas, edges of swamps, hillsides, plains. Adapts to other areas.

Growing: Geraldton Wax seeds can be sown at any time in warm areas or in a glasshouse in cooler climates. Fill a pot with quick draining soil or potting mix. Wet soil thoroughly and sow seeds on surface, add a shallow cover of fine gravel or quick draining material. Water heavily and often.

Landscape: Open garden, Rockeries.

Cultivation: Germination can take 30-60 days or longer. Protect from snails. Seedlings can be transplanted at about 10cm (4″) or larger.

Seed Starter Required: Recommended.


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