Fringed Lily

Scientific Name: THYSANOTUS multiflorus

Common Name: Fringed Lily

Alternative Common Name: Fringed Lily

Family: Anthericaceae

Height: Up to 30cm (1′)

Width: Up to 45cm (18″)

Description: Perennial. A delightful and delicate-looking small flowering plant. Hardy, easy to grow, drought resistant with long narrow leaves which spring straight from the ground stiff and grass-like. Though short-lived, it will grow again from seed in the ground if the ground is disturbed or cleared of weeds before Autumn.

Flowers: Spectacular when in full bloom in Spring. Beautiful clusters of up to 20 violet and blue 3-petalled flowers, each surrounded by a lengthy, delicate fringe. Each flower lasts just one day.

Soil: Any well-drained soil types.

Aspects: Full sun or part shade


Growing: Fill a pot or seed tray to within 2-3 cm (1″) of the top with moist sandy soil. Top with Seed Starter granules. Lightly scuff the surface of the soil, sow the seeds thinly on surface and compress lightly. Wet the soil and keep moist. Cover pots with clear polythene to preserve moisture and warmth and place pots in a warm, shaded position.

Landscape: Open gardens, rockeries, shrubberies, pots, tubs, balconies or window boxes.

Cultivation: Germination usually takes 2 to 5 weeks. Remove polythene once germination starts. Protect seedlings from snails. Transplant seedlings to individual containers when large enough to handle without damage and keep them well watered. Plant out at about 7-8cm (3″) high. Water in well, water regularly in dry weather. Use a light dressing of natural or slow release fertiliser.

Seed Starter Required: Recommended.


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