Illyarrie (Red Cap Gum)

Scientific Name: EUCALYPTUS erythrocorys

Common Name: Illyarrie (Red Cap Gum)

Alternative Common Name: (Red Cap Gum

Family: Myrtaceae

Height: Up to 5m (16′)

Width: Up to 4m (13′)

Description: Quick growing, adaptable small evergreen tree. One of the most decorative Eucalypts with dark green foliage, smooth white bark and brilliant red buds & yellow flowers in Autumn.

Flowers: Flower buds have a brilliant red square cap with a red cross on top which bursts open to reveal rich yellow flowers 5cm (2″) across. These occur in large numbers, making a magnificent display.

Soil: Any well-drained soil type, including limestone. Prefers alkaline soil to start.

Aspects: In warm areas or in a glasshouse, sow at any time. In frost prone areas, sow after risk of frost has passed. Frost tender when young. Can be susceptible to die–back (Phytophthera cinnamomii) Little or no artificial watering will be required after the first Summer.

Habitat: Grows naturally in Western Austra;lia’s central west coastal areas, southwards from Shark Bay. Adaptable to other habitats. Will grow in full sun or part shade.

Growing: Fill pots or seed tray with moist sandy soil, wet thoroughly and compress. Sow seeds on the surface and cover the seeds with soil to twice the thickness of the seeds. Add Wildflower Seed Starter granules to the surface. Keep moist. Place in a warm shady position to germinate (a5 days). Protect from slugs and snails.

Landscape: Open gardens and rockeries.

Cultivation: Transplant to individual containers when large enough to handle. Plant out at 20 cm (8″) tall. Water in well and water regularly during first summer. Apply a small amount of slow release low-phosphate fertiliser. Responds well to pruning. Can be cut back hard if required to maintain preferred shape and size.

Seed Starter Required: Recommended.


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