..Seven Pack Gift Folder

..Seven Pack Gift Folder


A charming way to thank someone or bring lasting cheer to someone special – or as a gift for yourself.

A beautifully presented post-card size gift folder containing sachets of seeds for six of the most attractive and popular wildflowers and displaying a picture of each plant in flower.

A seventh sachet contains smoke-impregnated Wildflower Seed Starter granules to boost the germination of some of the seeds in the Folder.

A memorable gift for relatives at home or abroad or a personal souvenir – compact and light, extremely popular for sending or carrying home by overseas visitors and Australian travellers.

The six varieties are specially chosen for ease of growing from seed, quick growing characteristics and their attractive display of colours. Growing instructions and other supporting information provided inside the folder.

This provides a brilliant display of colour in a garden.


WHO – Are we 

WHY – Wildflower Seed Starter Granules 

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Wildflora Factory Pty Ltd 

 PH : 0439 965 899

Warehouse & Distribution Centre 

Located in Western Australia

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