.Everlastings Gift Folder

.Everlastings Gift Folder


Everlastings are an iconic Australian Wildflower and we have put 6 different Everlasting seed packets together in one stunning Gift Folder. A thoughtful Gift, for someone special or a treat for yourself and your garden.

The varieties in this Gift folder are

Showy Everlastings – Schoenia filifolia subsp. subulifolia

Pink & White Everlastings – Rhodanthe chlorocephala

White Strawflowers – Xerochrysum macrathum

Orange/Gold Strawflowers – Xerochrysum bracteatum

Golden Strawflowers – Xerochrysum bracteatum

Mixed Colour Strawflowers – Xerochrysum bracteatum

A square card size gift folder (125mm x 125mm when folded) suits a 130mm square envelope .

On the front cover of this Gift Folder we have chosen the vibrant and stunning Golden Everlasting (Xerochrysum bracteatum).  As you open this folder on the left hand fold are 3  photos, representing 3 of the Everlastings within the folder.  To the right and the back side of the 3rd fold is a map of Australia that shows the endemic locations of the various Everlasting within the folder as well as detailed information about the Everlastings. Opening the 3rd fold to the 6 sachet packets of the seeds pictured and labelled for ease of planting, whilst to the right 3 more Everlasting photos which makes up the 6 varieties.  On the rear of the folder when folded you will find the growing instructions.

A memorable gift for relatives at home or abroad or a personal souvenir – compact and light, extremely popular for sending or carrying home by overseas visitors and Australian travellers.

The six varieties are specially chosen for ease of growing from seed, quick growing characteristics and their attractive display of colours.

They provides a brilliant display of colour in a garden and the idea gift for any occasion for someone special or a gift for yourself and your garden


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