Albany Bottlebrush



Albany Bottlebrush
Botanic Name : Callistemon glaucus (formerly Callistemon speciosus)


Spectacular and profuse-flowering, the largest flower among all the bottlebrushes, with rich scarlet cylindrical brushes 25cm (10″) or more in length at the ends of its branches from early Spring through Summer.

Attracts nectar feeding birds. A hardy evergreen shrub growing to 3m (10′) with a spread up to 2m (7′). Very adaptable to damp conditions (sometimes found thriving in water) or to drier conditions. Will thrive in most areas including coastal.

Albany Bottlebrush Cultivation Notes

Contents: Approx. 800 – 1000 seeds.
Very fine seeds – open with care onto a sheet of paper.
Avoid windy conditions when opening the packet.

Wildflower Seed Starter granules recommended to boost germination.

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