Blue Rottnest Island Daisy



Blue Rottnest Island Daisy
Botanic Name : Trachymene caerulea

Also known as: BLUE LACE FLOWER

Lovely, sturdy small annual shrub with attractive long-stemmed soft blue to mauve flowers in pin-cushion shaped clusters up to 7cm (3″) across, in Spring and Summer amongst the pale green 10cm (4″) leaves.

Grows to 1m (3′) and 0.5 m (18″) across. Provides an excellent colourful display in a garden, in pots or as long-lasting cut flowers. Easily grown from seed sown in Autumn or Winter and requires little attention. Has been widely grown outside Australia.

Blue Rottnest Island Daisy Cultivation Notes

Contents: Approx. 110 seeds.
Small, light seeds – open onto a sheet of paper.
Avoid windy conditions when opening the packet.

Wildflower Seed Starter granules recommended to boost germination.

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