Orange Banksia

Scientific Name: BANKSIA burdettii

Common Name: Orange Banksia

Alternative Common Name: Burdett’s Banksia

Family: Proteaceae

Height: Up to 2.5m (8′)

Width: Up to 2m (7′)

Description: A lovely small evergreen tree with a spreading, dome-shaped habit with green serrated-edged leaves contrasting the flowers.

Flowers: Flowers profusely, starting in its 2nd or 3rd Summer from seed, producing a full display of large, bright, two-tone orange cone-shaped flowers up to 18cm (7″) long. Attracts nectar feeding birds.

Soil: Prefers well-drained sand to light loam.

Aspects: Plant in full sun. Tolerates dry spells – best if watered about once a week or as weather conditions dictate during the first Summer. Adaptable to many areas, given suitable soil – preferably light, sandy soil.


Growing: Fill small pots with moist sandy soil and compress. Sow one seed flat on its side in each pot. Cover the seeds lightly with soil and keep moist.Cover the pots with clear polythene, remove as soon as seeds start germinating. Place the pots in warm shaded position while the seeds germinate.

Landscape: In Open Gardens or Shrubberies.

Cultivation: Germination usually takes 21 to 35 days. Bait against snails when seeds are sown and at the seedling stage. Transplant seedlings directly to an open garden position as soon as a tap root appears at the base of a pot. After transplanting, water the plant well. Water regularly until established, then occasionally in driest parts of the first Summer.

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