Native Wisteria

Scientific Name: HARDENBERGIA comptoniana

Common Name: Native Wisteria

AlternativeCommon Name: Native Wisteria

Family: Fabaceae

Height: If supported, climbs to 2m (7′).

Width: As ground cover, spreads to 2m (7′) or more.

Description: A highly attractive evergreen climber, hanging vine or ground cover with a thick mat of deep green foliage and slender, twining stem and branches.

Flowers: Long dense sprays of scented, deep blue to purple flowers for several months in late Winter and Spring,

Soil: Any well-drained soil type including limestone.

Aspects: Easy to grow. Quick growing. Very hardy. Full sun to semi-shaded positions.


Growing: Soak seeds overnight in a cup of hot (not boiling) water. Drain and remove swollen seeds.Unswollen seeds can be soaked again until swollen.Fill small pots with moist, sandy soil, compress. Sow 2-3 seeds 6mm (1/4″) deep. Keep soil moist and cover with clear polythene to preserve moisture and warmth and place in shaded, warm position.

Landscape: Open garden, rockeries, courtyard, patio, trellis, trailing over a fence or garden wall, hanging baskets, balconies or tall pots. Useful as a dense and beautiful ground cover.

Cultivation: Germination usually takes between 2-8 weeks. Remove the polythene once germination starts. Protect seedlings from snails.Thin out to the best seedling in each pot, then transplant to garden, pots, tubs or baskets when the seedlings are about 10cm (4″)high.Water in well, water regularly until established then occasionally in dry weather.

Seed Starter Required: Recommended.


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