March 8, 2019

Thanks for the great service and solving our problem (gift ideas for relatives in Pennsylvania, USA). One can take only so many stuffed koalas and boomerangs as gifts. Will let you know how they propagate.

March 2019 – Alexander Barski, Sydney, NSW

January 20, 2019

I purchased Coral Creeper seeds at Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney in March 2002 – my only visit there ever – then forgot about them. They were stored in a shoe box in no special conditions as I moved house a number of times over the years. I recently”exhumed” the shoe box and assumed the seeds couldn’t possibly be viable after 16 years – but thought I’d try them as an experiment. I nicked the seed coats, soaked them overnight (no smoked Seed Starter granules) and planted them in pots with ordinary potting mix. Five days later I had seedlings!
You’re welcome to use this as a testimonial.

Sept. 2018 – Philip Stevens, Oakland, California, USA

December 11, 2014

“My first planting of Everlasting seeds last spring was such a success thanks to the 10,000 seeds I purchased from the Wildflowers of Australia website and the excellent advice given. I’m now a repeat customer. The company offers such professional service – I received the seeds within 2 days of ordering them online and the package included a note of good wishes for a successful show of wildflowers! Last September our corner block showed an abundance of pink and white flora much to the admiration of our neighbours and family visiting from New Zealand and it was such a delight for us too. Thank you!”

April 2103, Anita in Harrisdale, Western Australia

December 11, 2014

” … I’ve had some success and enjoyment out of the last seeds I planted and am keen to grow some more of our awesome Australian natives. Thanks.”

June 2012, Tyson in Adelaide, South Australia

December 11, 2014

” … I have a (left over) packet of your Golden Everlastings that I bought in 2006. At the time I was living in Adelaide and they flowered for months on end. I planted some here in (Brisbane) a few weeks ago and they have germinated! I didn’t think they would still be viable. Thanks yet again!”

May 2012, Naomi re Our Seeds in Adelaide and Brisbane

December 11, 2014

” … I have been sending my Mother-in-Law in South Africa the seeds (and) she has grown countless Kangaroo Paws in her garden. Sha has divided and potted her plants and (produced) many Kangaroo Paws. They have grown to over 2 meters tall and she is thriled with them. So thanks again! Emma.”

May 2012, Emma in Perth re Our Seeds in South Africa

December 11, 2014

” … I will take the seeds to my mom in Germany at the end of the month. She already had success with the Sturt Pea, Fringed Lily and Kangaroo Paw. … Your website is great – informative and simple to use – just how I like it.”

March 2012, Our seeds in Germany (name not for publication)

December 11, 2014

“Love ur site. Had beautiful Everlastings and Rottnest Island Daisy from WA flowering all summer here in Ireland. Have about 10 Albany Bottlebrush, some Gungurru and Kangaroo Paw comming along nicely, hope they flower next year. Looking for some more seeds on your wonderful site. Bernie”

October 2011, from Bernie Heavey, Ireland

December 11, 2014

“Just to say thank you … so far 2 out of 3 Queensland bottle trees worked. One I will attempt to Bonsai and the other is going in the garden. A Lemon Scented Eucalypt is nearly 1 foot high and 6 of the Gungurru seeds worked. One is alredy in the garden and doing great, two are being Bonsaid and I’ve yet to decide on the others. Two Grass Trees are doing very well. All in all I am very happy. All the best. Ron”

September 2011, from Ron Robinson, Seaford East, Sussex, UK

December 11, 2014

(After we advised of despatch of seeds) … my friend (in the USA) is very keen to have a little piece of Australia on her farm. I found your site really easy to use, and informative. Thank you. Tori

July 2011, from Tori Burns, Victoria, Australia

December 11, 2014

Whilst in WA a couple of months ago, we visited The Pinnacles National Park souvenir shop. My wife was delighted to see your Grass Tree seeds. We bought a packet and some Seed Starter and returned to Victoria. I was worried that they wouldn’t let me bring them into Vic, but I declared them at the airport and had no probs.
I planted out 32 seeds in a miniature ‘plastic greenhouse’, followed the instructions (Never expected anything to grow!). Surprise, all 32 of the seeds have germinated, so hopefully next year 24 family members will be given young grass trees as presents!
My missus has craved one of these plants for years but they are too expensive to buy in Vic, so she is delighted. Many thanks.

August 2010, from Col Maguire, Werribee, Victoria

December 11, 2014

“About 16 years ago I was in WA (Western Australia) and collected a variety of Calothamnus seeds. These sat in a box till last year when I decided to plant some of them … with very poor results … some with no germination at all, so I thought I had left them too long and they were no longer viable. After I received your smoked vermiculite (Wildflower Seed Starter) I decided to sow the rest of the seeds and use your smoke treatment. Wow! I coudn’t believe the difference. I got excellent germination with some of the seeds, moderate germination with others and some germination from the rest. This was a very good testimonial for your product.”

Feb 2007, from Bill Hardin, Tamworth, New South Wales

December 11, 2014

“I wanted to grow EUCALYPTUS trees in Northern France (Brittany area). I searched the web for seed retailers and took advice from those that had already succeeded in our area. A friend visited Australia and brought me back some “fresh” seeds. These were sown and protected but with no result.
I contacted Australian Widflower Seeds for advice. I was not fishing for replacement seeds but they were much to my joy offered. I put the old packets in the post and to my great surprise 2 new packets arrived within a week of posting. These came with a letter explaining where I had perhaps gone wrong and a card.
I must say that if all businesses were conducted in this manner and with with this degree of quality the world would not be in any sort of recession. I really did not think that service existed today as it certainly does NOT in France, a country where the customer is always wrong and the arrogant retailer is always in the right.
Well done Australia and well done Australian Wildflower Seeds. I will do my best to get things right this time and I will BUY from your company again. Many, many thanks again for a wonderful service,
yours, Paul Green.”

August 2009, from Paul Green, Northern France

December 11, 2014

“Thanks Bill. Our seeds (sent 22/04) arrived Thursday (23/04). Thank you for the prompt service – we really liked your website and found it very easy to navigate and very informative.”

April 2009, from Gillian Scott, Clarkson, Western Australia

December 11, 2014

By email “… the seeds have arrived. … Will I need smoky water to get germination going?”
** Our explanation sent by email next day with supporting info for each seed variety purchased.
Reply received next day … “Thanks for the prompt reply, you are “brill” (brilliant). Advice taken on board. Will keep you informed.”

Jan 2008, Karen Knight, Cornwall, UK – following successful purchase via our website.

December 11, 2014

Wrote us a letter to say she has Sturt Pea growing and blooming in her garden and has been successful with Sturt Pea on a number of occasions.

Patricia Pieterek – Firle, South Australia

December 11, 2014

Wrote describing success growing our Rottnest Island Daisy seeds in the Birmingham area, with the plants flowering until late October even in temperatures as low as -4C.

A S Hall – Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, England

December 11, 2014

Requested help in locating various seeds outside our presentation range, which we were able to do. Mentioned his success in growing several of our varieties in Germany, including Banksia burdettii (Orange Banksia). Provided photographs of Banksia asplenifolia in flower.
Wrote again about a year later to thank us for our latest supply of seeds of several species which he considered relatively rare, and described successes (and a few failures) among the many varieties of Australian native plant seeds he purchased from us. He used our General Sowing Guide and is very pleased.

Wolfgang Maninger – Burgschwalbach, Germany

December 11, 2014

Note received advising our Sturt Pea seeds sell well from her shop in Coober Pedy and with recent rains (at that time), Sturt Pea is growing and blooming well in that area.

Judi James – Reseller, Coober Pedy, South Australia

December 11, 2014

Faxed us to say that the Kangaroo Paw seeds purchased at Chelsea Flower Show have grown well and flowered (in June), raised exclusively in their greenhouse. Caused much interest among friends.

Tony Buck – Greywell, Hants, UK

December 11, 2014

Sent a letter with photographs showing Golden Everlastings and Sturt Pea in flower in her garden.

Julie Hughes – Birmingham, England


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