Wildflora Pods – Bush Collection – Gift Boxed Banksia grandis small pod (cone)

Wildflora Pods – Bush Collection – Gift Boxed Banksia grandis small pod (cone)


The Wildflora Bush Collection is a collection of iconic Australian Wildflora Pods.

The Banksia grandis small pod (cone) Gift Box is a beautiful iconic pod (cone) from the Australian bush in Western Australia.  These pods (cones) are rich and bold in colour combining, light to dark browns and grey with rich golden undertones in the mouths of the open pods (cone).  One of the most widely used pods (cones) due to its dense wood with beautiful textures. Whilst these pods are small the Banksia grandis and the name suggests can be grand or large in size. These pods (cones) are used for ornamental displays and home decore.  They are also widely used by florists in floral arrangements and by many woodworkers and crafters in the creation of furniture and ornaments including coffee grinders, vases, coasters etc.

The Western Australian native bush is full of amazing treasures from the stunning flowering wildflowers that have been bringing millions of people to indulge in the visual spectacular of these flowers, trees and bushes for many years.

There are over 24,000 species of Australian Wildflowers and Western Australia is home to over 60% of these iconic species where we source our pods and opercula.

Pods are some of the hidden gems of the Australian Bush.  Pods are the capsules that plants produce to hold and protect the seed as it forms. From within the pod the spectacular flower/blossom opens to display its spectacular colour.  When the Pod is mature it is harvested by licenced specialist pickers, dried, cleaned, naturally treated for insects and stored.

This BUSH Collection makes the perfect gift.  Ideal for placing in a bowl as a table or decorative display, or used in crafting etc.  With a natural bush scent, you can easily add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to your desire.

In addition to this Small Banksia grandis pod Gift Box the Bush Collection also consists of (click on the links below to view the range available online).

120 gram Small Mixed Pods

200 gram Small Mixed Pods

250 gram Large Mixed Pods

360 gram Large Mixed Pods

Medium Banksia

And of course our LUX Collection is also available

120grams hand selected pods and opercula


PLEASE NOTE: Some of the pods and opercula used in this BUSH Collection can be small and are not recommended for children under the age of 5.

Suitable to send to all areas of mainland Australia (quarantine reasons not permitted into Tasmania).                              Suitable to send overseas, individual country regulations may apply.


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