WA Christmas Tree

WA Christmas Tree


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West Australian Christmas Tree
Botanic Name : Nuytsia floribunda

This is the only member species of the genus Nuytsia in the world.

One of Australia’s most spectacular trees with its brilliant, heavy coverage of golden-orange, honey-scented flowers in late Spring and early Summer strikingly displayed against the dark green mass of soft needle-like leaves.

An evergreen which grows gradually to about 7m (23′). Drought and frost resistant.
A member of the Mistletoe family. The WA Christmas Tree is a semi parasitic tree, which means it needs a friend or companion to thrive.  Some of the best companions are ones that also love sandy soils eg red runner, kangaroo paws, cats paws etc.

So bright are the flowers that, during the flowering season, these trees were clearly visible from the sea to early explorers of the South-western coastline of Australia.Colourful

Contents: Approx. 10-12 seeds.

Open with care onto a sheet of paper.
Avoid windy conditions when opening the packet.

Wildflower Seed Starter granules can be beneficial for germination but not essential for this species.

Always protect seeds and seedlings from predators such as snails, slugs etc.


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