How Much Seed Starter Should I Use

There is no particular ratio of Seed Starter granules that must be observed when using the granules to help boost the germination of seeds. The granules do not normally need to be mixed in water – except as described in method #2 below. The normal recommended methods for use shown on our packets (and below) are simplest and quickest.

Two main methods of use are suggested in the instructions on our packets:

Method 1. when sowing seeds into a pot or tray, sprinkle a small quantity of the granules onto the surface of the potting mix after sowing the seeds and gently water them in with the first watering. Normal daily watering will continue to wash the booster into the soil for a few days.

Method 2. for seeds that require soaking in a cup of hot water in order to cause them to swell before sowing, add a pinch or two of the granules to the cup and allow the whole mix to soak for the suggested time – usually about 2 to 12 hours depending on the seed species. I have found that soaking seeds for up to 24 hours has done no harm. Strain the seeds from the (now smoky) water for sowing. Use the smoky water to gently water the freshly sown seeds.

Our packet of Seed Starter contains approximately 5 grams of granules – enough, we suggest, to cover 2 – 3 seed trays of about 15 x 20 cms in area. There are no particular rules but to suggest some guiding quantities for you, I would say about :

– half a gram of granules on the surface of the potting mix in a “jiffy” pot (about 5cm x 5cm square at the top)

– a gram of granules (at most) if using a small planter pot (say 10cm across)

– 1.5 – 2 grams on a seed tray (say 15 x 20cm or so)

– half a gram in a 1/2 cup of hot water, when soaking of the seeds is required.

If, for instance, the seeds are spread over a number of seed trays, jiffy pots or small planters, simply divide the Seed Starter granules across that number of containers and they should still do the job.

I have used approximately those quantities in several germinations of various seed types and they have worked just fine. As you use the granules in various situations I am sure you will find methods that work for you and develop your own ideas.

It takes only a tiny amount of the active ingredient in the granules to start germination. However, extra granules shouldn’t harm the seeds if, for example a larger amount is spilt onto the seeds.

Exactly how much Seed Starter to use on any given seed variety is not really worth trying to determine. A scientist may possibly want to delve into it but it isn’t warranted for the purposes of the home gardener.

The main thing to guard against is allowing the granules to dry out in the packet. Once opened they should be either completely used or re-sealed and stored in a sealed container at a moderate room temperature.

Happy growing.

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