Swan River Daisy

Scientific Name: Brachyscome iberidifolia

Common Name: Swan River Daisy

Alternative Common Name: Swan River Daisy

Family: Asteraceae

Height: To 50cm (20″)

Width: To 30cm (12″)

Description: Pretty, adaptable, easy to grow, small annual, sometimes perennial shrub with fine, narrow leaves. Approx. 400 seeds.

Flowers: Blue, Purple, White with a central yellow disc, non-papery, about 2.5cm diameter, appearing Spring to Summer.

Soil: Sow in well drained, sandy and clay soils. Likes a good mix of washed river sand and well rotted compost. Will grow in mildly saline, mildly acidic, neutral and slightly alkaline soils. Soil should be free of weeds, with weed control taking place during the month prior to planting.

Aspects: Not frost hardy, prefers sunny areas, likes a bit of water but don’t over-water. Medium growth rate.

Habitat: Native to Western Australia and northern parts of South Australia – along watercourses, open woodlands, swampy areas or chalky hills. Will adapt to several other conditions and situations.

Growing: Sow outdoors after danger of frost has passed. For early bloom sow seeds indoors at 21C (70F), 6 weeks before planting out and frosts have ended. In gardens or rockeries, sow 25 -30 cms apart. Mix 1 packet of seeds with half-bucket of sand/compost mix for 2-3 square metres of garden. Vary area and planting density if you wish.

Landscape: Ideal for borders, large areas, hanging baskets, rock gardens, as ground cover or in tubs, to add Spring colour to the garden. Insect attracting. Good for dry or pressed flowers.

Cultivation: A low-care plant. Water 1 – 2 times each week in dry weather – and enjoy. When plants reach 10-15 cm very lightly apply a general purpose liquid fertiliser at 4 – 5 week intervals. Light tip pruning when fruits or flowers are intact and beginning to brown will ensure longer blooming and a good harvest of seeds if you wish to collect them.

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