Lilac Painted Lady

Scientific Name: GOMPHOLOBIUM scabrum

Common Name: Lilac Painted Lady

Alternative Common Name: Lilac Painted Lady

Family: Fabaceae

Height: Up to 2.1m (7′)

Width: Up to 1.2m (4′)

Description: An outstanding small perennial shrub with heath-like foliage and a neat bushy form.

Flowers: The whole plant is covered with delicate lilac and mauve flowers 2.5cm (1″) across during Spring.

Soil: Any light, well-drained soil. In dry areas, keep a good level of mulch over the root area. Do not use fertilisers.

Aspects: Can be frost tender.


Growing: Easy to grow from seed. Soak the seeds overnight in a cup of hot (not boiling) water. Select swollen seeds to sow. Unswollen seeds can be soaked in hot water again.Fill small pots with moist, sandy soil, compress. Sow 2-3 seeds 6mm (1/4″) deep into each pot.Cover pots with clear polythene to preserve moisture and warmth. Remove when germination starts.

Landscape: Garden or shrubbery.

Cultivation: Place pots in a warm, shaded position to germinate. Keep soil moist. Germination can start in 2 weeks for swollen seeds and up to 7 weeks for unswollen seeds. Protect seedlings from snails. Plant seedlings out to garden when about 7-8cm(3″) high or when a tap root appears at base of pot.

Seed Starter Required: Recommended.


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