Gungurru (Silver Princess)

Scientific Name: EUCALYPTUS caesia ssp magna

Common Name: Gungurru (Silver Princess)

Alternative Common Name: Gungurru (Silver Princess)

Family: Myrtaceae

Height: Up to 5m (16′)

Width: 3m (10′) – 5m (16′)

Description: An outstanding tree with a weeping or pendant shape. Decorative and attractive with its silver-white bark and blue-grey leaves.

Flowers: The flower buds are silver, grey or white, opening in the Spring to reveal a stunning and profuse display of bright pink and red flowers.

Soil: Grows well in almost any soil type

Aspects: Prefers an open, sunny position or part shade. Give it room to grow. Medium growth rate. Can be susceptible to die–back (Phytophthera cinnamomii)) in areas.


Growing: Grows easily from seed. Fill pot or seed tray with moist sandy soil, wet thoroughly and compress the soil. Sow seeds on surface and cover to twice the thickness of the seeds with soil. Place pot in a warm, shaded position and keep the soil moist.

Landscape: Open garden, rockery or large pot

Cultivation: Seeds will usually germinate in about 15 days. Transplant into individual containers once seedlings are large enough to handle without damage. Keep moist and in a warm position. Plant out to garden at about 20cm (8″) high. Water seedling in well and water regularly during the first Summer. Use a light dressing of organic or slow release fertiliser. Once well-established the tree can be pruned to desired size and shape – after flowering is finished.

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