Everlastings Pack 1 (5,000 Seeds)

Scientific Name: RHODANTHE chlorocephala ssp rosea

Common Name: Everlastings (Pink, Red & White)

Alternative Common Name: Everlasting Daisies, Paper Daisies

Family: Asteraceae

Height: 30cm (12″) – 60cm (24″)

Width: up to 30cm if spaced up to 30cm (12″) apart.

Description: Probably the easiest and quickest to grow of all Australian wildflowers and the most famous of the Pink Everlastings. Annual. One of a large group of very attractive annuals in several colours generally referred to as Everlastings or Paper Daisies.

Flowers: Various shades of pink, salmon and white with centres of yellow, black or yellow and black from late Winter to Summer. Excellent for cut flowers or drying or preserving.

Soil: Occurs naturally in sandy, light soils or part-loamy soils. Everlastings respond well to slightly enriched soil so, if needed, add a little natural or artificial fertiliser before sowing.

Aspects: Any open or semi-open cleared or partly-cleared ground in a mostly sunny or full sun position. Can be sown among other plants provided there is plenty of clear space for them to grow. Clear weeds before sowing.

Habitat: Occurs naturally in many areas of the southern half of Western Australia. Quite adaptable. Will also grow easily in most other areas given suitable growing conditions. Refer Soil above.

Growing: Quick and easy to grow. sow the seed directly into the soil where the plants are to grow. Mix seeds with plenty of clean dry sand to assist dispersion. Space seeds 20cm(8″)-30cm(12″) apart in well prepared soil. Don’t bury them, just rake the soil lightly over the seeds to help hold them into the soil. Water with a fine mist spray every day during the germination period, then regularly (eg once or twice a week, if warranted) through the growing period and in dry weather.

Landscape: Good landscaping plants which blend easily and well into any garden setting. Grow in Garden Beds, Rockeries, Pots, Tubs and Window Boxes.

Cultivation: Protect seeds from ants and seedlings from snails and slugs. Germination usually takes 5 – 10 days and flowers appear in 3 – 4 months. Cut flowers for display or drying. Dry flowers and preserve colours by hanging in bunches upside down in a brown paper bag in a dark place until dry. Collect seeds from the plants after flowers become dry and petals begin to droop or fall, by taking whole flower heads and gently crumble them into a large tray or dish. Remove chaff by seiving and winnowing until mostly seed remains. Store seed in a dark, dry container until next sowing season, usually Autumn.

Seed Starter Required: Not Needed (but not harmful).


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