Dwarf Wattle

Scientific Name: ACACIA drummondii ssp candolleana

Common Name: Dwarf Wattle

Alternative Common Name: Drummond’s Dwarf Wattle

Family: Mimosaceae

Height: Up to 1 m(3′)

Width: Up to 1m (3′)

Description: A beautiful small shrub to light up a garden in the Winter through to Spring.

Flowers: Masses of bright yellow elongated flowers amongst small elegant grey-green leaves. Excellent cut flowers.

Soil: Will adapt to almost any well-draines soil type.

Aspects: Prefers part shade to full sun.


Growing: Easy to grow from seed. Chill seeds for 2 weeks in fridge (not freezer). Scratch outer shell gently between two sheets of fine sandpaper. Soak seeds overnight in a cup of hot (not boiling) water with Wildflower Seed Starter Granules added in a tea strainer or fine sieve (to separate seeds from granules). Drain water, select swollen seeds for sowing, scratch and soak any un-swollen seeds again. Fill a pot with sandy soil, wet thoroughly and compress. Sow seeds thinly by pressing just into surface of potting soil. Add a thin layer of Wildflower Seed Starter granules to soil surface. Water in.

Landscape: Dappled shade to some full sun in gardens, rockeries, extra large pots.

Cultivation:Keep soil slightly damp, not overly wet. Place pot in a warm, shady position. Cover pot with clear polythene until germination commences. Germination takes 14-35 days.Once seedlings appear they can be thinned out. Transplant when 5cm (2″) high, disturbing roots as little as possible. Water in well and water regularly until established, then occasionally in dry weather. Feed plants a week or two before flowering using a low-phosphate slow-release fertilizer.  Protect against snails.

Seed Starter Required: Strongly Recommended.


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