Albany Bottle Brush

Scientific Name: CALLISTEMON glaucus

Common Name: Albany Bottle Brush

Alternative Common Name: Albany Bottle Brush

Family: Myrtaceae

Height: Up to 3m (10′)

Width: Up to 2m (7′)

Description: Hardy, upright, adaptable evergreen shrub with spectacular red flowers through Spring and Summer.

Flowers: The largest flower among all the bottlebrushes, with rich scarlet cylindrical ‘brushes’ up to 25cm (10″) or more in length at the ends of branches from early Spring through Summer. Bird attracting.

Soil: Likes sandy soils but will adapt to almost any soil type – even damp soils.

Aspects: Full sun to part shade. Tolerates dry spells, though grows best if watered occasionally. Moderate growth rate. Seedlings can be frost tender. Low maintenance.

Habitat: Adapts well to any condition. Very adaptable to damp conditions (sometimes found thriving in water) or to drier conditions. Will thrive in most areas including coastal.

Growing: In frost prone areas when danger of frost is over. In warmer areas or in a glasshouse in late Winter, fill a number of pots with moist sandy soil. Sow several seeds into each pot. Do not cover seeds with soil. Place pots in a shallow container, pour in enough water to submerge pots by one-third. Place the pots in a warm shady position. Cover pots with clear polythene until germination-about 2-3 weeks.

Landscape: Open sunny gardens, shrubberies. Excelent plant for informal hedges or borders.

Cultivation: Protect seedlings from snails. When the seedlings are large enough to handle, thin out to 3 seedlings per pot. At 5cm (2″) thin out to one strong seedling in each pot and remove the pot from the water container. Transplant to garden when 10cm (4″) high. Water regularly until established, then occasionally in dry weather.Prune after flowering to improve shape and restrict height. Use occasional light applications of organic fertilizer.

Seed Starter Required: Recommended.


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