Everlastings Sowing Instructions

Sowing Instructions:

Sowing into pot: Fill the pot with potting mix or well-drained, weed free soil, tap soil down gently and wet thoroughly.  Sprinkle seed evenly over the surface and pat gently to make sure seed is in good contact with the soil or lightly cover with 1mm fine sand (do not bury as needs light to germinate). Water with a fine spray and must be kept moist until germinated approx. 2- weeks.

Sowing direct to garden: Prepare the garden bed by removing weeds and any mulch, then rake over soil and wet thoroughly.  Sprinkle seed over area and very lightly rake soil to lock the seed into the soil.  Do not bury as seed needs some light to germinate.  Gently sprinkle with water and keep moist daily while germinating. 

Protect from snails and slugs especially when young.

Sow in Autumn to Spring

Use native slow-release fertiliser when established.

Flowering Late Winter to Late Springs


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